Your Guide To The Must-Have Kitchen Appliances


While choosing the right cabinets, flooring and handles for your kitchen may seem like the all-important choices, concentrating on the appliances will have the biggest impact on your useful your kitchen is to you and your family. Gone are the days of traditional ovens and hobs, there are now innovative smart appliances that can transform your space for the better. From apps that can turn on the kettle from the sofa, to warming drawers that will revolutionise cooking a Sunday roast, there are a variety of options out there to suit every home.


A tech-oriented home is truly the way forward, and NEFF Home Connect can help to bring your kitchen into the 21st century. NEFF offers a range of appliances that can be connected to an app and run via your mobile phone. From kitchen appliances to heating and lighting, this innovative technology makes everyday life that little bit easier, and whether your are preheating the oven or putting the kettle on while you socialise with friends and family, everything is made easier. NEFF has thought of more than just functionality; their smart appliances will also be the perfect contemporary touch to any kitchen design, ensuring to create a wow-factor in your home.


Induction hobs are the modern-day answer to stress-free, safe cooking. Innovative technology means that cooking temperatures stay constant, providing you with high-quality frying and cooking to minimise the risk of burning. Not only do induction hobs offer expert cooking technology, but they also conduct energy more efficiently, perfect for an environmentally friendly household. In addition to clever safety features that keep the hob cool to touch, the reflective flat appearance creates a premium look in your kitchen, complementing both contemporary and classic designs.


Fed up with waiting for the kettle to boil? Quooker hot water taps are the smart appliance that you didn’t know you needed. With boiling, warm and ice-cold water at the flick of a switch, these taps will allow you to make drinks within seconds and fill up pans more efficiently. Incorporating a hot water tap into your kitchen design will help to save time and valuable worktop space, all while adding a sophisticated touch to your space.


Arguably one of the most important appliances in your kitchen design, cooker hoods are vital for clearing cooking fumes for a clean and fresh home. There are also many different styles available, to suit the size of your space as well as your personal taste.

Integrated cooker hoods are a subtle addition to a modern design, whereas chimney cooker hoods are ideal for larger spaces or in busy, well-used kitchens where you want the air to be cleared quickly. Appearance is just as important as function in this case, with many cooker hoods containing clever features such as LED lights and wireless controls.


One of the best parts of a new kitchen design is the hosting possibilities, whether that is cosy nights in with friends or big family gatherings where a sociable and practical space is key. Warming drawers are a great option no matter what your lifestyle, helping to keep your cooking warm and ensure that everything is served at the same temperature. A sleek addition to your kitchen design, warming drawers sit subtly underneath your oven for easy access when preparing your meals.


What may seem like an obvious appliance choice for your kitchen actually can have the biggest impact, if selected wisely. Thinking about what kind of sink set up you want is really important in creating a natural workflow in your space that eases everyday life for you and your family. From contemporary styles to traditional Belfast sinks, the size of your sink, as well as the style, will impact your overall design.

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