Ways To Create A Multifunctional Kitchen With Ekb Kitchen Designers Essex


In the UK, we have the smallest homes in Europe and nearly every household struggles with storage and living space. The kitchen is the most important room in any home but, due to a cultural shift in lifestyle, people want the kitchen to be a multi-functional space. Many of our customers are choosing to extend their homes rather than moving. Here at Essex kitchens & Bedrooms, we recognise this trend and our kitchen designers Essex are here to help you create rooms that become the centre of family life.


Kitchen extensions

Extending your kitchen is the perfect way to give you the ultimate open plan living space. Create zones for cooking, dining and relaxing. A central island is the ideal way to divide the room and can make cooking sociable as friends and family can gather round, while you prepare the food. A dining table is best placed adjacent to a patio or sliding doors to get the best view of the garden. Continuing the tiles from your kitchen to the garden allows a continuous flow, giving the illusion of one large room. When our Kitchen Fitters Essex create a new extension, we always keep in mind the style and period of your home.


An orangery extension adds a touch of luxury to your home as well as extra space. It’s an ideal option for extending your kitchen, as we tend to spend most of our time in this key room of the house. With lots of natural light an orangery extension will only make it more practical, social and inviting. If you love entertaining and hosting dinner parties, an orangery extension makes more space for you and your guests as it gives you a larger space to work in. No matter where you choose to install your orangery they are a beautiful way to introduce more space to your home.

Bi Folds

What could be nicer than starting your day with a cup of coffee with a view into your garden? When the summer makes an appearance, all we want to do is open doors, windows and get outside into the sun. How lovely would it be to be able to open up your home into the garden? You can do this with Bi fold doors which fold back, giving you an entire run of open space. This is the best way to entertain outside at summer garden dinner parties.

Taking down the internal walls

Properties with tiny kitchens can be greatly improved by taking out the wall separating it from the dining room. This can dramatically improve the layout with minimal expense compared to the cost of building a new extension.

Loft conversion

The traditional way to increase the number of bedrooms you have is to move, but this may not be an option. If you like the area you are currently living in or have children in schools that you do not want to disrupt, you can avoid all this upheaval and cost by adding a loft conversion to your existing home giving you an extra bedroom and bathroom.

With over 30 years in the industry you can rest assured that all work undertaken from consultation through to completion is conducted in an efficient and professional manor by our team. If you are looking to make Home Improvements Essex and would like some further information call 01621 893491 today.