Small but beautiful

With clever planning you can fit far more into a compact kitchen than you may think. At Essex Kitchens & Bedrooms, we love a design challenge, we make sure every inch of available space is utilised, proving optimum storage and much needed worktop space. Regardless of size, we will create a visually stunning and practical kitchen for you to enjoy spending time in.

Colour scheme

The key is to stick to no more than three colours, preferably neutral warmer shades. You can always add a pop of colour with accessories such as crockery, toasters, kettles and blinds.            Painting walls the same colour as the cabinets will give a less chaotic and uncluttered feel, along with the allusion of more space. You certainly don’t have to opt for pure white cabinets and worktops, pastel greens, greys and blues will also work really well. We love pairing pastel shades with strong veined marble effect worktops, these really add another dimension to the overall look and tie everything together.

Open shelves and small glass cabinets

We find breaking up wall cabinets with either shelves or glass cabinets make a small space seem larger and brighter. The trick to glass cabinets is to keep what’s inside orderly and colour coordinated. Open shelves not only make everyday items visible and more accessible, but they also visually expand a tiny kitchen.

Best cabinets

Contemporary styles work best, flat slab doors with minimal detail will prevent a small space from feeling enclosed. The use of larder cabinets for storing bulking cooking equipment will free up valuable worktop space and integrated appliances will streamline the design. The choice of finish can make a big difference, gloss doors will reflect light instead of absorbing the light, creating a perception of more space. If you are not keen on open shelving, we suggest taking the wall cabinets as close to the ceiling as possible, this not only gives extra storage but draws the eye upward making the ceiling look taller.


 These are just a few ideas to consider when planning the layout of a small area. We believe making a small kitchen look bigger doesn’t mean compromising on style or efficiency, it just takes a bit of creativity. By keeping your space light, clutter-free and open – you can create the perfect kitchen that you want in the space that you have.  Call us today to find out more