New Year, New Kitchen

As this year comes to an end, thoughts go towards a new year  and in some cases this means a new kitchen. And although new kitchen is not the cheapest room in your home to update, with the right products and with your budget in mind, at EKB we are dedicated to achieving your perfect space that you and your family can enjoy for many years to come. Your new kitchen will have the latest design and trends for you to choose from at Essex Kitchens and Bedrooms

With interior design trends constantly evolving, it can be extremely daunting when it comes to making the right choice for what is the most important room in your home. At Essex Kitchens & Bedrooms, we make a point of keeping abreast of current interior trends, and if you need a helping hand when it comes to selecting colours, flooring, worktops, or tiles, our inhouse interior designer is on hand to help you explore all your options.

What trends of New Kitchen can we expect to see in 2024


Natural is back, the popularity of woodgrains in on the rise. Not just as an accent feature, but also as a choice for the cabinets. Wood provides warmth and character, whether you prefer modern sleek designs or more earthy rustic look, there will be a wood finish that fits your design perfectly.  If Scandi inspired living appeals to you, pairing beech, ash or maple with White cabinets will give your home a timeless individual feel.

Sage Green

For a while dark Green has been the go to shade when it comes to a Green kitchen. While this look makes for a dramatic statement, most houses, depending on the lighting, suit a lighter shade, making Sage Green the ideal choice. It’s such a versatile colour, that although wallpaper might not be your first thought in a kitchen, natural themed plant designs compliment Sage Green cabinets beautifully, making any the space feel light and fresh. Due to its soothing and calming qualities Sage Green is an excellent choice for a kitchen where people gather and spend time.

Light Blue

The love of Navy kitchens seemed like it was never going to end. At EKB, we have seen a shift towards the lighter shades such as powder blue and periwinkle. We tend to associate pale blue with coastal homes, however, they are equally suited to traditional and contemporary homes, providing a peaceful and tranquil ambience. White and Blue are a match made in heaven, for that classic pairing, choose either a white worktop or flooring for the ultimate clean, crisp fresh feel. If a classic sophisticated look is what you are after, opting for gold or chrome accessories will instantly add elegance and enhance any shade of Blue.


Taupe offers a wide spectrum of different shades, it is neither White or Cream, and for this reason it can be paired with almost any colour worktop, splashback or flooring. When it comes to choosing a kitchen shade that has longevity, taupe is the go to shade. With it’s soft neutral tones, it can shift from warm to cool depending on the lighting in the room. It brings a sense of calm and creates the perfect backdrop to any space.

Whether you are planning an extension or replacing your current kitchen, we would love to hear from you and get you on your way to the kitchen of your dreams. Contact us today