Modern Kitchens

For those of you who want to maximise functionality and efficiency, a modern kitchen may be the ideal choice. They provide that seamless transition from cooking, eating and entertaining.

Sleek and sophisticated a look that will add instant appeal to your home but, mostly, the modern kitchen design is structured to make cooking and cleaning a breeze.

At Essex Kitchens & Bedrooms, we believe the key to the perfect modern design is making sure every element has a purpose. Every inch of available space is optimised, giving you more space to store kitchen equipment, therefore, preventing any unnecessary clutter and freeing up much needed work surfaces.

As with all our kitchen ranges, we have a large selection of colours that are available in matt, gloss, and various woodgrains. If you’re looking to make a bold statement and want to add extra visual interest to your space, combining a woodgrain or concrete finish alongside a plain door will add the right amount of drama without being too overbearing. One of the most appealing features to a modern kitchen is its ability to blend into any style of home, whether you live in a period house or a modern apartment, you will find your perfect kitchen at EKB.


The true handleless kitchen features a continuous rail that’s built into the cabinet, creating a space for you to grip. Without the presence of handles, this style really does make a kitchen look more spacious and less cluttered–the ultimate in minimalistic design. At EKB, all our handleless rails are available in a selection of metals, such as gold, stainless steel, copper or, if you prefer, they can even match the colour of the door.


J Profile

The reason it’s called a J profile is because, if you look at the door side on, you will see a shape like the letter J. This style is a very simple and less expensive way to achieve a handless kitchen. Also, unlike the true handleless kitchen, the J Profile has the added bonus of offering curved doors which open up any room and make awkward or tight spaces more accessible.


Flat Slab

Flat slab doors are a popular choice and still in keeping with minimalistic designs that create simple but modern aesthetics with a flat uniform surface, no raised panels, intricate details, or decorative elements. Unlike our other modern kitchen ranges, the flat slab allows you to make an impact depending on the style of handle you choose. At EKB, we have a vast selection of handles varying in size and finish. Depending on the door colour, a handle can provide you with the opportunity to make a bold statement. For example, the darker shades such as Forest Green, Navy Blue or Graphite Grey will be enhanced when paired with a gold or chrome handle, creating a luxurious feel.

If you would like to find out more about a modern contemporary range of kitchens, get in touch and one of our experienced team will arrange an appointment to evaluate your existing kitchen space and discuss your requirements.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]