Kitchen Trends Of 2017 – Part Two

Last week we spoke about some of the current kitchen trends that have been popular in 2017. There were simply too many to put into one blog post, so here is the second part of this series. Below are some of the kitchen trends that are very highly sought after at the moment.


This linear look is growing in popularity, giving your kitchen the ultimate modern, uncluttered look. No handles protruding from the cabinets gives a flat, smooth finish.  A sleek, unfussy profile–less is more.


Kitchens need to meet certain lighting demands, especially as we spend so much of our time working and relaxing in our kitchens. Kitchen lighting can be fun as well as functional. Adding subtle, coloured lighting will give a calm and relaxing feel. Work surfaces can be lit with precision spotlights, perfect for task lighting.

LED lighting looks stunning when framing an island and can also be used to light internal storage. Keeping lighting simple is the most effective and elegant solution.

Cleaver storage

Clutter-free worktops are very on trend.  Here are just a few of the storage options available:

Pull-out larders – Are the perfect way to store groceries for the whole family. Especially good for tall cereal boxes, sauce bottles and drinks. You can view the entire contents at a quick glance.

Tandem – An attractive and affordable storage solution. Open the door and the full contents come out, allowing access to groceries from all sides.

Le-mans and Carousels– Both ideal for bulky pots and pans giving easy access to the back of the unit.

Under counter pull outs – Don’t let valuable storage space go unused, make use of narrow spaces with a slim pull out.

Pull out bins – No need to have unsightly bins ruining the look of your kitchen. Pull outs are available in a range of capacities, ideal for recycling.

So there you have it, Essex Kitchens & Bedrooms reveals our favourite kitchen trends for 2017.  What ones would you choose to have in your kitchen space?

Our aim is to provide the most on-trend products and up-to-date design throughout the process.  We will always keep in mind your exact requirements and ensure that all details are covered. For more information or to see our available kitchen designs.