How Kitchen Designers, Essex Choose The Perfect Worktop For You – Part Two

In our last blog post Essex Kitchens & Bedrooms spoke about choosing the right worktop and how our kitchen designers, Essex work with your exact requirements in mind. Today, we thought we would cover several other options for your worktop so that you choose the best material for your day to day kitchen needs.


This is made from 96% crushed quartz and mixed with resin. It can be dyed to any shade so colour choices are huge. As well as this, a large range of finishes are available from glossy to matt and even sparkles. Engineered stone can include materials such as Silestone, Ceasarstone, Cimstone and the latest addition from the United States is Cambria which can be seen in our kitchen showroom.

Pros – It’s harder than granite and non-porous. It’s also low maintenance, stain and chip resistant.

Cons – Due to the amount of resin added it’s advised that pan stands are used for hot pans.


Glass is a good choice for a super sleek contemporary kitchen. It’s very hard wearing and also comes in a sandblasted finish which doesn’t show scratches. Available in any colour from the standard popular tones to bright electric pink or even neon orange.

Pros – Glass can be lit up from below giving your kitchen beautiful mood lighting. Chips can be repaired by windscreen repair firms. It’s heat resistant and non-porous. It also doesn’t need sealing unlike stone tops.

Cons – Finger marks can show up especially on the darker shades. The joins are visible, however, they are joined with a matching material.


Laminates have improved vastly over the years. Now they can look just as realistic as wood, granite and marble. The matt finishes tend to look better than the gloss. All the latest finishes are on show in our kitchen showroom.

Pros – It’s low cost, hard wearing and comes in a huge range of finishes.
Cons – It can easily scratch. It is advisable not to put hot items directly onto the surface.


Dekton is a new, super durable surface in which they are constantly introducing new colours and finishes including both gloss and matt. It’s also practically resistance to everything including heat, chemicals and scratches. This worktop surface is on display in our Essex showroom.

Pros – Heavy duty will withstand anything. Virtually indestructible.

Cons – Can be very expensive due to its durability.


Corian is a unique blend of minerals and acrylic which creates a stone hard surface that can be shaped into any design and dimension. Ideal for water fall worktop features. A full range of colour samples can be seen in our kitchen showroom.

Pros – It’s non-porous and very hygienic and stains are easily removed. There is an extensive range of colours available.

Cons – Quite expensive. However, there are some cheaper alternatives on the market.

If you would like to find out more information on our available worktop options and how our kitchen suppliers, Essex can help you to create the kitchen of your dreams, then get in touch. Call our Essex kitchens showroom today on 01621 893491 or visit our website for more information.