Choosing the Right Oven – Advice From our Essex Kitchen Showroom


Without the perfect oven, how would you make the perfect meal for your family and friends? At EKB kitchen suppliers in Essex, we know it can be a difficult decision choosing the perfect oven for your kitchen when so many factors have to be considered.

Here at EKB, our kitchen designers based in Essex always start by asking our customers a few key questions, such as the size of their family, how they usually cook food and do they prefer gas or electric?

Choosing the right oven can make a big difference in the success of our kitchen designs.


Best range ovens

Range cookers look fantastic in any kitchen and come in a variety of sizes and colours. The main advantage of a range oven is the option of dual-fuel – gas hobs with electric ovens. If you have a contemporary style kitchen, a stainless-steel range will look best. If you fancy making a statement with your range cooker, consider a bright colour such as lime green or orange. Cream, pale blue and pink look fantastic in a traditional kitchen. A mantle surrounding your range not only offers extra storage but also creates a focal point. We have a number of fully working ovens on display at our Showroom in Wickham Bishops for you to see.


Best Aga ovens

AGAs have been iconic fixtures in country style kitchens for decades. The main advantage of having an AGA is its ability to cook food for long periods of time without drying out, which is why we see AGAs in almost any farmhouse. AGAs also provide heating for your home, you can’t help but feel drawn to an Aga on a cold wintery day. An AGA is always ready to go, no waiting for ovens to heat up as your hot plates and ovens are always on. At Essex Kitchens & Bedrooms, our Kitchens are available in both standard and bespoke colours, giving you the opportunity to match your kitchen cabinets to your AGA.


Built in Bosch Series 8 oven

Built-in ovens offer an endless array of styles, functions and features to choose from. The main advantage of built-in ovens is the ability to tailor your oven to suit your cooking style. A popular choice with our customers is to have a conventional oven with a micro combi and steam oven. However, some people decide to opt for 2 conventional ovens, plus a multifunction oven depending on their family requirements.

If you would like to know more on how Essex Kitchens and Bedrooms can help you choose the perfect oven, why not visit our friendly team at our Essex kitchen showroom or contact us today on 01621 893491.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/vc_column][/vc_row]