Choosing Statement Wall Colours: 50 Shades Of Grey

After all, grey is perfect for creating a colour scheme you will love whatever your taste. British paint and wallpaper manufacturer, Farrow & Ball have added several cool greys such as Cornforth White, Shadow White and Ammonite, that compliment stainless steel when used in the kitchen. While their warmer shades of grey such as Skimming Stone and Elephants Breath are perfect for a bedroom.

We believe the colour grey provides a neutral backdrop and can be teamed with almost any secondary colour so here are few examples from our team:


Grey and Yellow Bedroom

Yellow can be the ultimate mood booster and will give a room an instant lift, while grey acts as a stark contrast, helping to tone down the bright yellow. That’s why yellow and grey are a match made in heaven!

Whether you prefer vibrant citrus shades or the deep muted mustard tones, you will be sure to find a grey that compliments yellow beautifully in our Essex showroom. If you are using this colour combination in a bedroom; choose a feature wall in a dark rich mustard yellow with pale grey bedding and mustard to scatter cushions to give an elegant; chic look.


Navy and Grey Kitchen

It has been said that blue and grey are best friends. They compliment each other, almost blending into one another. However, when dark grey is combined with deep petrol and navy blue, it creates a brilliantly moody atmosphere. Lighter shades of blue and grey will give the room an elegant and soothing feel.

For example, when using these two shades in a kitchen, a pale grey will give you the perfect backdrop for a deep navy island. Alternatively, try having base units in a dark blue with a pale grey on the wall cabinets.


Dark Grey Kitchen

Completely painting a room in dark shades can be risky but when done right, it can look amazing! We recommend using a deep shade of grey such as Farrow & Ball’s Down Pipe to create a brooding sense of intrigue – whether in a kitchen or bedroom.

For a completely unique kitchen design, you could use the same colour on your kitchen cabinets as the walls to give a seamless look. Or you could opt for the dramatic and elegant look when you choose a light worktop with a dark vein running through.


Grey on Grey kitchen

Create a colour scheme that is bang on trend this year when you use different shades of grey and layering up tones. It’s important to remember that each shade of grey is capable of creating a different look, feel and style. When using pale greys and deep shades together; your room will have a rich and contrasting feel, which is also harmonious and co-ordinated at the same time.


Grey and Red Bedroom

A vibrant colour such as red will add personality and character in the daylight and a warm; cosy feel at night. The combination of grey and red works really well in a bedroom space when you add a hint of red through soft furnishings and accessories.

If you’re looking for a more subtle and traditional feel, try incorporating plum and claret shades into the room.


Grey and Taupe Kitchen

The colours taupe and grey are, as they say, “two peas in a pod”. By combining these colours you will create a cool, modern feel in your bedroom or kitchen. For example, when used in a kitchen; grey and taupe will blend in beautifully with all your stainless steel appliances and accessories. Also, any wooden worktops and flooring in your kitchen will complement the colours and add warmth.

The key to choosing the correct shade of grey is to pick harmonious colours. Whatever grey you decide on, it will allow any colour it is paired with to be visible whilst grey takes a back seat.

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