How to create the perfect kitchen for you

The Perfect Kitchen Drawings and layout

Buying a perfect kitchen isn’t something you do every day, and as one of the most important rooms in your home, here at EKB we make sure we create your dream kitchen that not only looks good, but is also practical, functional and within budget. All our kitchen ranges are built to stand up to […]

The Art of Kitchen Lighting & Creating the Perfect Ambiance

At Essex Kitchens and Bedrooms we understand that lighting in a kitchen goes beyond mere functionality; it is an essential design element that shapes the room’s ambiance, mood, and even the perception of space. In luxury kitchens, where every detail is meticulously crafted, kitchen lighting plays a pivotal role in complementing and enhancing the bespoke […]

Master the Oak & Quartz Work Surface at Essex Kitchens & Bedrooms

In the realm of bespoke kitchen design, choosing the perfect work surface is a decision that Essex Kitchens and Bedrooms knows carries significant weight. The material selected not only dictates the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen but also affects its functionality, ease of maintenance, and the ambiance it exudes. While oak remains a time-honoured favourite, […]